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Stories of Pride: The Power of Us

BY: Trevor News
Stories of Pride: The Power of Us

Take a moment to meditate on the word community. It’s a word we hear often, but think about what it means in your own life. Community can be a group of friends, a church group, a bowling team, or co-workers at your job. The people that show up for us when times are tough and remind us that we all deserve to feel and be included. Consider how your community has gotten you through tough times. What did knowing you had that unconditional support mean for you and your mental health?

This Pride, we’re celebrating community. LGBTQ young people need it especially, because it helps empower them to see that they are worthy of love and see a bright future for themselves. Building on last year’s campaign, this year’s Pride celebrates the power of LGBTQ young people as a community. This could look like the teacher who is always there to listen and support LGBTQ students. The dance group that allows everyone to feel as though they belong. The group of young people making change by organizing against harmful policies that prevent them from being their authentic selves. Watch the video and see the power of community in action:

You too can make a difference in LGBTQ lives. Whether that means volunteering, advocating, or making a gift, we can all show up for LGBTQ young people. When we’re connected, we’re stronger. That’s the power of us. 

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