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Styles of Pride: Fashion Forward

BY: Trevor News
Styles of Pride: Fashion Forward

Fashion is about so much more than what we wear. It has the power to change the narrative, to push society forward, to help us recognize ourselves. 

In celebration of Pride, The Trevor Project set out to tell a story requested by many of the LGBTQ young people building community on TrevorSpace, our safe space social networking site: the fashion history of the LGBTQ community. We were thrilled to have our long-time partners at Macy’s join us as a sponsor of Styles of Pride: Fashion Forward. 

In 2022, Macy’s and The Trevor Project were thrilled to launch a four-year partnership to support the mental health of LGBTQ young people, building on over a decade of collaboration that has raised over $5 million for Trevor’s mission. In the second year of our Styles of Pride campaign, we are continuing our commitment to uplifting the voices of the LGBTQ community and empowering folks to own their style. 

In this video, we hear from LGBTQ young people directly about how creative fashion choices can help them feel more secure in their identity and experience authentic joy. When young people can express themselves through fashion, it helps their mental health and sense of self.

Watch our love letter to fashion and the heritage of queer people who helped us take control of dressing the way that makes us feel whole.The history of queer fashion is important during Pride and all year long: it helps us recognize our lineage, understand the present, and inform the way we express ourselves. Thank you to Macy’s for helping bring this timeless celebration to life.

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