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Why We Ride: Stories from Our 53 Mile Pride Ride

BY: Trevor News

Pride is a time for celebration, but also a time for action. This year for Pride, The Trevor Project is sharing stories of young changemakers improving their communities and building a world where LGBTQ+ young people are embraced as their authentic selves. Allies all over are supporting them in this endeavor by getting out in their community and raising money to ensure Trevor is here 24/7 for every single LGBTQ+ young person. The Trevor community shows up for each other, even in the face of incredible challenges. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to join our third annual 53 Mile Pride Ride this June.  Together, we can continue to show up for LGBTQ+ young people.

We’re asking our community to commit to logging 53 miles — however it feels best to move — all in effort of supporting our mission to end suicide among LGBTQ+ young people. Follow these simple steps to join our 53 Mile Pride Ride:

  • Register in Facebook Messenger now to log your miles all month. Choose to create a team or participate solo!
  • Follow this link and we’ll automatically create a fundraiser with all the right settings on your behalf. You can edit the details on Facebook upon creation.

We’re so proud of the affirming community of supporters we’ve built, bound by a common belief that LGBTQ+ young people deserve to thrive  as they are —  and we can’t wait for you to meet other passionate allies. You’ll engage with the community on our Pride Ride Facebook group, celebrating each other’s wins and everything that makes the LGBTQ+ and allied community so powerful. Here are just a few testimonials from former participants of  our Pride Ride challenge, each sharing their unique journey and motivation:

  • I joined this challenge for both my partner and myself. They are nonbinary, asexual and I am panromantic demisexual. We love each other to the moon and back. I have worked in pediatric mental health and have seen so many LGBTQ+ kids come through the hospital scared and confused. I am so thankful for programs like the Trevor Project that I can refer these youngsters too for extra support.
  • I became a librarian specializing in teens because I wanted to be the safe adult I needed when I was younger. I’m very involved in intellectual freedom especially in public libraries and sharing the power of stories is my favorite passion. 
  • I have an almost 10 year old transgender daughter. We have spent all of 2022 fighting our state legislators over a bill that bans trans girls from participating in school sports. Unfortunately we failed and the bill was signed into law. I have seen the toll this and all of the anti-trans legislation and media across the globe has taken on my daughter and the transgender community as a whole. This fundraiser felt like a way we could make a difference. I am doing this fundraiser with my daughter and we will be reading LGBTQ+ middle grade books and sharing our thoughts about them. She is required to read 20 minutes a day for school and is excited to put a bit of purpose to her time.

Excellent goal for an excellent cause.

  • “Hey everyone! I’m riding again this year (last year I rode over 180 miles and raised over $400) as a straight, cis ally and married mom of 3 amazing human beings. Our oldest came out to us as bi/pan when he was 13 (he’s almost 16 now) and our younger two followed suit in the years since then (11 and 9). 
  • I am a 53 year old empty nester! My son will be 26 next week and is gay. He came out when he was 16 and he is the most courageous young man I will ever know. I am so proud of him! Not Supporting him was never even a thought. I love him with all that I am. I wish all gay, trans, LGBTQ+ kiddos could know that type of love and support. It is a privilege to be In this group!
  • I will be completing the challenge with my beautiful queer daughter Zoe. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one. But I am so grateful that The Trevor Project exists and has been there to help support her and help her feel less alone.

Have a Question? Check out the FAQs for our Facebook Challenges!

If you can’t find your answer below, please reach out to [email protected] additional help. Please be patient and allow us up to 24-48 hours to respond.

Q: When and how do I log my miles?
A: You’ll be able to start logging miles on the first day of the month, but you can join the 53 Mile Pride Ride group and start your fundraiser right away. You can log your miles in Messenger by typing “Menu” then enter, and click the “Record miles” button, then enter your achieved miles and click the word “Submit.” Please note that the menu has multiple tiles.

Q: How do I earn a Trevor sticker and/or  t-shirt? 

A:  You can earn your Trevor sticker when you achieve $50 in fundraising and a Trevor t-shirt when you raise $250. Once you reach each goal, please allow 3-4 weeks for the delivery.  

Q: What if my miles are incorrect or I receive an error?
A: To correct your total activity in Messenger, type “Menu” then enter, click on “Record miles” and then click “Edit my total miles.” Let us know if you still experience issues.

Q: How do we participate as a team?
A: When you register in Messenger, you will be prompted to take on the challenge solo or as a team. Follow the prompts to build out your team!

Q: Can I do a different activity?
A: While the challenge is designed for miles, if you want to do another activity, you’re more than welcome.

Q: What do I do if I started a Facebook fundraiser for The Trevor Project but not specifically for the challenge?

A: A Facebook fundraiser for The Trevor Project is the same as a fundraiser for this challenge. Thanks for supporting Trevor’s mission.

Thank you so much for your support, and best of luck with the challenge!

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