Trevor CARE Training

Adult Education FAQ

“Trevor Ally Trainings and Trevor CARE Trainings are available in-person and online for adults nationwide.”

While our Trevor Lifeguard Workshop is for youth, Trevor Ally Trainings and Trevor CARE Trainings are designed for adults. CARE Trainings and Ally Trainings are available in-person for your staff, company or member organization, or online for groups and individuals.

Trevor Ally Trainings

The Trevor Ally Program help adults learn about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning youth people, the specific risks and challenges they face and how they can become an “ally” by knowing valuable resources and strategies.

Trevor CARE Trainings

The Trevor CARE Trainings help adults who work with youth learn to “Connect, Accept, Respond and Empower” (CARE) young people in crisis. This training discusses LGBTQ-specific risk factors for suicide, explores protective factors that can lower these risks and how to help youth get the support they need.

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