About The Trevor Project

Founders, Board & Staff


Peggy Rajski
Randy Stone (1958–2007)
James Lecesne

Board of Directors

Peggy Rajski—Founder, The Trevor Project
Gina Muñoz—Chair
Julian Moore—Co-Vice Chair
Brian Winterfeldt—Co-Vice Chair
Mike Dillon—Treasurer
Thomas Sanchez—Secretary
Amy E. Taylor—Executive Committee Member
Phil Armstrong
Vasudev Bailey
Antonia Belcher
Vanessa Benavides
Caroline Bird
Orlan Boston
Chris Coffey
Jason Cole
Brian Dorsey
Cliff Hopkins
Meredith Kadlec
Michaela Mendelsohn
Lauren Morelli
Ruben Ramirez
Sophie Watts

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Phone 310-271-8845

Sam Arpino, M.Ed. Director of People Operations
Chris Bright Director of Public Training
John Callery Vice President of Technology
Nty Diakite Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Gianna DiGiovanni Crisis Services Manager of Continuous Improvement
Jen Dihenia Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
August Dyson Training Operations Manager
Danielle Ehsanipour Director of Lifeline
Tracy Ferrell Senior Revenue Manager
Priscilla Florido Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Jake Giles Senior Project Manager — Technology
Thomas Goldberg Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Sofi Goode Corporate Development Associate
Rory Gory Digital Marketing Manager
Amy Green, Ph.D. Director of Research
Jessica Gregory Volunteer Recruiter
Sarah Hallock Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Allison Hamre, MSW Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Aaron Herrera Interim Recruiter
Simon Hunter Software Engineer
Alex Krantzler Volunteer Success Coordinator
David Lai Manager of Organizational Performance
Wilson Lee Machine Learning Engineer
Charmy Marras Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Jesse Medina Volunteer Success Coordinator
Anthony Montalvo Volunteer Success Coordinator
Patricia Noel Crisis Services Lifeline Associate
Thomas Pardee Creative Director
Juno Pinder Crisis Services Lifeline Associate
Gabriella Potter Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Myeshia Price-Feeney, Ph.D. Research Scientist
Nolan Scott Senior Video Producer
Shane Singh Corporate Development Manager
Brian Stiles Senior Operations Manager
Justin Varis People Operations Associate
Colin Wells Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Ryan Wells Volunteer Success Coordinator
Takuya Yoshimoto Product Owner


Phone 212-695-8650

Jennifer Ball Director of Internal Training
Lena Ballantine Chief Operating Officer
David Barrientos Special Projects Manager
Max Battle Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Alex Boyd Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Adam Callahan Crisis Services Manager of Digital Counselors
Brendan Caulfield Executive Assistant to the CEO
Mani Cavalieri TrevorSpace Product Manager
Rachel Chanen Strategic Campaigns Manager
Leigh Checchio General Counsel
Cristina Ciprian-Matthews Chief People Officer
Melanie Corwin Crisis Services Associate of Continuous Improvement
Dot Davies Salesforce Administrator
Carrie Davis Interim Chief of Staff
Lena Denbroeder Volunteer Success Coordinator
Shona DiPaula Volunteer Success Coordinator
Tia Dole, Ph.D. Chief Clinical Operations Officer
Sam Dorison Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Kwesi Douglas Crisis Services Senior Manager of Digital Supervisors
Dan Fichter Interim Head of Engineering
Melissa Galvin Crisis Services Lifeline Associate
Amy Garcia Special Projects Manager
Kendra Gaunt Product Owner
Benji Gellman Senior Special Projects Manager
Vance Graves Strategy Associate
Sam Gold Talent Engagement Manager
Johnny Gonzales Director of Special Events
Katie Green Digital Giving Manager
Josh Hash IT Manager
Devon Holmes Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Nick Hobbs Senior Data Scientist
Sandy Hugo Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Leine Hurlbut Crisis Service Digital Supervisor
Anna Iuppa Special Projects Manager
Carissa Josephson Crisis Services Lifeline Associate
Karoline Katus Major Gifts Officer
Shira Kogan Senior Corporate Development Manager
Samantha Kripitz Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Mike Ladue Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Akash Mahalwal Special Projects Manager
Sveta Margolin Special Projects Manager
Andy McDonald Product Owner
Haymee Medina Interim Director of Financial Reporting
Aidan Montgomery Development Database Associate
Amit Paley CEO & Executive Director
Muneer Panjwani Vice President of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Development
Chelsea Parkes Recruitment Associate
Debbie Pope Senior Manager of Product
Allie Riley-Murphy Interim Recruiter
Jamese Robinson Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Miranda Rosenblum Volunteer Recruiter
Bella Roussanov Volunteer Success Coordinator
Alex Shapiro Crisis Services Digital Associate
Maria Snyder People Operations Services Manager
JB Stark Director of Individual Giving
Calvin Stowell Chief Growth Officer
Rob Todaro Press Secretary
Richard Vargas Office Administrator
Rachel Vitale Crisis Services Digital Supervisor
Kevin Wong Vice President of Communications
Paloma Woo, LCSW Senior Crisis Services Manager


Phone 202-391-0834

Sam Brinton Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs
Keygan Miller Advocacy Associate
Casey Pick, Esq. Senior Fellow for Advocacy and Government Affairs
Jonathan Silberman Senior Designer & Webmaster
Troy Stevenson Advocacy Campaign Manager