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A Letter of Thanks

BY: Trevor News

Dear Trevor Family,

The holiday season can often be many things at once — beautiful and stressful, joyous and overwhelming, full of people and yet lonely. This Thanksgiving and year-round, The Trevor Project is here for LGBTQ young people who may feel anxious, sad, or isolated. If you or someone you know needs support this season, please know our counselors are always available, 24/7 and for free.

Finding time to take care of yourself around the holidays is crucial to protecting mental health. Try taking a moment over the next few days to practice gratitude — many studies have found that reflecting on what you’re grateful for can have a positive impact on your mental health.

We’ll go first. The Trevor Project is truly grateful for Trevor’s staff & volunteers who work so hard every day to serve a mission we all believe in; our staff and volunteers give so much of themselves to this work  and we’re so thankful for their dedication. We’re also grateful for the opportunity to find our community with our chosen LGBTQ family. And we’re especially grateful for you for being a part of our mission. Your belief in us makes all of this possible. 

We know sometimes it can be hard to feel grateful when the world feels dark. But joy can be found in the little things, like “I’m grateful I remembered to drink a glass of water today,” or “I’m grateful I found a moment to practice mindfulness.”  Setting aside even five minutes for yourself to recenter around what’s important — love, giving, community, gratitude — can be a powerful way to practice self-care in the busy holiday season. We hope you’ll make space for practicing gratitude. If you or someone you know needs us, our counselors are here to listen.

Thank you for being part of this community. Please know that we are always thankful for you and every person who fights to make a more welcoming, loving world for LGBTQ young people.

With gratitude,

The Trevor Project

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