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Celebrating our Trevor Interns for Intern Appreciation Day

BY: Trevor News
Intern Appreciation Day

In 2023, The Trevor Project had the pleasure of welcoming eight paid interns to our community, allowing them to bring their talents and stories to our community of champions for LGBTQ young people. Their passion and excitement helped us see Trevor through fresh eyes and see new possibilities in our work. 

Trevor Interns Gciniwe and Trey shared their experiences working with us this summer:

“Interning at the Trevor Project has been an absolute highlight of my summer. The members of the Content team have been incredibly welcoming and supportive. Initially, I didn’t fully comprehend the extent of The Trevor Project’s work, but this experience has greatly deepened my appreciation for the dedicated individuals who contribute to its mission. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to combine fulfilling work with my passion for video production. Overall, my time interning at the Trevor Project has been an immensely rewarding experience, and I am grateful for the chance to make a positive impact while pursuing my passion.” – Trey Jordan (she/her)

“The opportunity to intern at The Trevor Project has been amazing! Being a Graphic Design intern on such a powerhouse Content team allowed me to better my design skills, challenged me to think broader and built my critical thinking, all while giving me a summer filled with laughs, fulfilling work and the best people! Before joining Trevor I had a limited understanding of how design can be a form of advocacy and the extent good design can help educate. Through working on real projects during my internship I have learned how to use my passion for design to better a community and contribute to Trevor’s mission. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and have loved my time on team Trevor!” – Gciniwe Simelane (she/her)

In a time when we’ve seen a record number of anti-LGBTQ bills being introduced in statehouses across the country, we need all hands on deck to support LGBTQ young people wherever they are.

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