A Report on Practitioners of So-Called Conversion “Therapy” in the U.S.

Our latest report, “It’s Still Happening,” sheds light on the alarming and extensive presence of practitioners of so-called conversion “therapy” across the U.S. Conversion “therapy” refers to a wide range of dangerous, discredited, and unscientific practices that attempt to change a person’s LGBTQ+ identity.

This report is the culmination of rigorous and systematic research undertaken by experts at The Trevor Project since 2018, putting a spotlight on a practice that is too often seen as a relic of the past. Perhaps most importantly, this report underscores the need to take action today to end this insidious and exploitative industry — once and for all.

Key Findings


The number of conversion therapy practitioners identified across 48 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.


The number of identified conversion therapy practitioners who hold active professional licenses


The number of identified conversion therapy practitioners in active training for full licensure

Map of Identified Conversion Therapy Practitioners in the U.S.

The following map illustrates the geographic distribution of the 1,300+ conversion therapy practitioners identified by The Trevor Project.

As conversion therapy is increasingly conducted underground in secret, making it difficult to track, this is likely a significant underrepresentation of the true prevalence of practitioners across the U.S. today.

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Access our full report that highlights the prevalence of active practitioners of conversion “therapy” across the United States.

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Check out the following resources and links to learn more about conversion “therapy” and some more of our work and partnerships on the issue.

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