50 Bills 50 States

About Our Campaign

The Trevor Project is invested in ending conversion therapy in every state because lesbian, gay and bisexual youth from highly rejecting families are more than 8 times more likely to attempt suicide than youth from accepting families. 50 Bills 50 States is the largest campaign in the world endeavoring to protect LGBTQ youth from conversion therapy.

We do this work through legislation, litigation and public education. We partner with mental health associations, youth organizations, LGBTQ groups, student clubs, faith communities and educational institutions in every state to promote the submission and passage of meaningful legislation in their legislature. We then work with lawmakers in generating policy, providing survivor testimony and demonstrating public support. We also fight tirelessly to defend our progress in the courts.

Not every bill submission will culminate in passage, but in addition to the value of incremental progress, a bill’s submission provokes a dialogue on conversion therapy within the state, and that signals to LGBTQ youth that a fight is being waged on their behalf. LGBTQ youth should never be forced to try to change something as beautiful as who they love or who they are. After all, they cannot change what they never chose.