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Protecting With Pride

The Trevor Project’s Protecting with Pride campaign elevates the ongoing municipal-level fight against the discredited practice of conversion therapy through legislation and public education. For each of the top 50 cities and counties in the U.S., the campaign will work closely with grassroots organizations to create and implement customized strategies to support the passage of legislative protections for youth against the harms of conversion therapy.

Protecting with Pride marks the official expansion of the organization’s focus to end conversion therapy beyond statewide legislation. Launched in 2020, the campaign will help educate key policymakers and local residents by holding a virtual series of educational town halls that highlight the dangers and abuses associated with conversion therapy. The campaign will also bolster local support by creating municipal coalitions with existing partners, as well as by forming a council of mayors and a council of locally elected officials to advise local advocates. Protecting with Pride will equip campaign members with evidence-based best practices, messaging support, and research data to help their local efforts to end conversion therapy.

As part of The Trevor Project’s commitment to supporting grassroots organizations, Protecting with Pride issued its first round of funding in July 2020 to help local education and advocacy efforts working to end conversion therapy nationwide. To date, the campaign has distributed $165,000 to 22 state and local LGBTQ organizations.