The Mental Health and Well-Being of Latinx LGBTQ Young People
OCT. 12, 2023 — This report explores the unique mental health outcomes of LGBTQ young people who are Latinx, and provides findings specific to Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican LGBTQ youth. It uses data from a national sample of nearly 6,900 Latinx LGBTQ youth ages 13 to 24 who participated in The Trevor Project’s 2023 National Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ Young People.
Self-Injury and its Relationship to Suicide Attempts Among LGBTQ Young People
OCT. 9, 2023 — LGBTQ young people who self-injured in the past year reported higher odds of both considering and attempting suicide in the past year compared to LGBTQ young people who did not.
Acceptance from Adults is Associated with Lower Rates of Suicide Attempts Among LGBTQ Young People
SEP. 22, 2023 — LGBTQ young people who had accepting adults in their lives reported significantly lower odds of attempting suicide compared to those who did not.
School-Related Protective Factors for LGBTQ Middle and High School Students
AUG. 24, 2023 — LGBTQ middle and high school students with access to at least one school-related protective factor had 26% lower odds of attempting suicide in the past year.
LGBTQ Young People of Color in Online Spaces
JUL. 19, 2023 — Feeling safe and understood in at least one online space is associated with lower suicide risk and lower rates of recent anxiety for all LGBTQ young people, and for LGBTQ young people of color in particular.
Civic Engagement and Mental Health Among LGBTQ Young People
JUN. 21, 2023 — The majority of LGBTQ young people participated in protests, expressed their opinions to public officials, or performed community service in their local communities in the past year.