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Suicide Prevention Graphics

These shareable guides and posters allow all to take part in raising awareness about suicide prevention, either digitally or in the classroom.

Self-Care Guide

When people are in crisis at home, school, or in public, this guide offers self-care tips and Trevor’s resources so that they can turn to safety instead of self-harm.

Download the Self-Care Guide


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Suicide Prevention Guide

When people are unsure about how to offer help to those who are feeling suicidal, or if people in crisis don’t know how to ask for help, we offer ways to connect, communicate, and show care in this guide.

Download the Suicide Prevention Guide


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Back to School Guide

Going back to school can be difficult for LGBTQ youth who may not have a support system in the classroom. In this guide, we offer ways for schools, classmates, teachers, and youth-serving professionals to offer support and a more welcoming environment to LGBTQ youth.

Download the Back to School Guide


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#LGBTQ youth are the future. Share @trevorproject’s lifesaving resources for National Suicide Prevention Month TheTrevorProject.org/SaveLGBTQLives

During National Suicide Prevention Month, share @trevorproject’s lifesaving resources: TheTrevorProject.org/SaveLGBTQLives #YouAreNotAlone

You too can save a life. Share @trevorproject’s lifesaving resources with your community: TheTrevorProject.org/SaveLGBTQLives #YouAreNotAlone